Dear Interested Applicants,


Michael W. Cunningham proudly served as the Executive Director & Executive Secretary-Treasurer of our State Council since December 2005. He has officially announced his retirement to the Executive Board at the end of 2016.


Since he is retiring a few months prior to the end of his current term and before the 2017 State Building Trades Convention to be held next summer, the Executive Board will have to select his successor for the remaining term of office as required by our State Constitutional Bylaws.


The Executive Board wants to maintain consistency with past practice in this selection process when a vacancy of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer occurs. At the last Executive Board meeting on May 19, 2016, the Executive Board decided that each affiliate shall be mailed a letter on the application process. The terms and conditions were also set as related to salary, benefits and other provided items for his successor.


Interested Applicants are required to submit a written resume by certified mail with returned receipt by or later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, Juy 5, 2016 to: Texas State Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO, 1106 Lavaca Street, Suite 201, Austin, TX 78701-2171. All resumes that meet the submittal deadline will be bundled and provided to each of the 13 Executive Board Members to review.


To be eligible for interview, all applicants must be from one of our affiliates that is current on per-capita payments through the 2nd quarter ending June 30, 2016.


Each of the applicants shall be contacted to appear for an interview on Wednesday, July 2, 2016. The Executive Board meeting starts at 8:00amon the 3rd floor of the IBEW Local 520 Union Hall located at 4818 E. Ben White Blvd. in Austin Texas.


The successful applicant will be hired as a Regional Director beginning Monday, October 3, 2016. The Regional Director will take over the official duties and annual salary as the new Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the State Bulding Trades Council, beginning on the 1st payroll period beginning January 2, 2017.


During this 3-month period, the Regional Director salary will be based on what a Director makes at the Texas AFL-CIO. The Regional Director shall use their personal vehicle and receive the higher of mileage as set by the Internal Revenue Service in IR-2015-137, Dec. 17, 2015, or $1,000 per month to spend until the end of December 2016 and shall receive the same benefits as the home local union Business Manager receives.


I would also like to bring to everyone's attention that is considering submitting a resume that our Constitution & Bylaws states that "The residence of the office of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Texas Building and Contruction Trades Council shall be located in the immediate vicinity in the Capitol of Austin, Texas." This doesn't mean you have to sell everything an permanently move here, but the costs associated with maintaining a residence in compliance with our Bylaws is not included as part of the compensation package.


There are many duties required of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, especially the ability to lobby at the State Capitol to protect our issues as related to prevailing wages, licensing and protecting our other interests.


If anyone has any questions, please contact Mr. Michael W. Cunningham by phone or email.