The Young Lions of District Council 88 is a program whose purpose will be to seek out and acknowledge those young members who demonstrate leadership capability as well as promise in their individual trades. Through education and union activism, the young lions will be developed into future leaders in our industries.  The Young Lions would result in the production of a better educated member with the tools and potential to not only excel in his or her individual field, but to also take on leadership roles in the various levels of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.
Criteria for Membership
Potential Young Lions would be those members in one of the Local Unions within the jurisdiction of District Council 88 who:
Are under the age of 34
Are in good standing with the District Council
Exhibit leadership potential as well as an understanding of their trade
Have productive attitudes
Have the drive to excel in their education as well as the Union
Are able to attend Union/Young Lion meetings
Can participate in a minimum amount of Union activities as mandated by committee
To join the Young Lions, please contact the District Council headquarters at toll free 1-866-859-1008 or 1-281-847-9635.